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Are you passionate about Subiaco and want to be part of making it an even better place to live, work, shop and play?

Help us create a better Subiaco!

Subiaction is a positive, proactive and independent team of local people focused on enhancing Subiaco as a vibrant, thriving and attractive destination where people want to live, work, shop and socialise.

We’re a non-profit organisation driven by the work of volunteers. We’d love you to join us as:

  1. Subiaction Committee Member; or
  2. A Subi Actionator; or
  3. Join our e-news list to keep in touch with what is going on

Subiaction Committee

The Committee leads the organisation and generally meets monthly during business hours. To be considered to be a Committee Member, you’ll need to:

  • Commit to the values, ethos and goals of Subiaction
  • Have connections with local businesses and /or community members
  • Have an active interest in the growth and strategic direction of Subiaction
  • Help support the planning and development of projects and activities

The committee works collegiately as a team, and most decisions are made through discussion and consensus. Any conflict of interests must be disclosed at committee meetings.

To become a Committee Member of Subiaction, please complete page 2 of the Subiaction Membership Application Form and email it to us at


Actionators get involved with particular projects or can provide support in whatever manner suits them. They help make it happen!

Being an Actionator is a great way to learn, develop new skills and meet new people in your community!

To become a Subi Actionator, please complete page 3 of the Subiaction Membership Application Form and email it to us at